Straw into gold: A TED Fellow cultivates mushrooms to fight climate change


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Social entrepreneur Trang Tran is teaching Vietnamese farmers how to use rice straw as a substrate in which to grow profitable mushrooms. Photo: Fargreen Social entrepreneur Trang Tran is teaching Vietnamese farmers how to use rice straw as a material in which to grow profitable mushrooms, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve livelihoods. Photo: Fargreen

In agricultural entrepreneur Trang Tran’s native Vietnam, farmers traditionally burn the straw and husks that remain after the rice harvest. This practice happens at least twice a year for two months at a time, releasing noxious smoke and greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Tran’s solution: using rice straw to cultivate mushrooms. Her social enterprise Fargreen is standardizing the process and teaching farmers how to recycle their own agricultural waste and improve their livelihoods. We asked Tran to tell us about how the idea evolved.

How did you become interested in the burning of rice straw as an environmental problem? Did you come from a farming community?

I’m from a little province called Hà Nam, two hours south of Hanoi, the…

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Looking for New Google Inbox invites ? Well here’s a way ….

Google recently launched it’s new Emailing app called “Inbox” but it seems to have limited it to people having invites only. Also, if you have an invite it’s not necessary that you will be able to invite more of your friends.

So, here is a way which you can use.

1. Take your friend’s email id and password whom you want to invite or who wants an Invitation from you 😉

2. Add his account to your device (Android Phone) and open his account .

3. Soon, you will receive a welcome email to Inbox from Google. Enjoy !!

P.S. Only people who got an invite can use this method to activate someone’s account , not your friend who’s  account you activated using the above method.

Installing Softwares

Hi Guys,

In this post i will like to cover what all softwares i have used for it and how to install them step by step [ In this case to setup the framework for DHIS 2]

1. Download IntelliJ.
2. Install Plugin –  Gherkin.
3. Install Plugin – Cucumber for JAVA
4. Install Plugin – Maven for Idea.