Google Inbox Invite Hits eBay

Nice UI


On a scale from one to ten, how desperate are you to try out Google’s new Inbox app? Would you pay for it?

eBay user bpatel90, who has listed the invite on the online auction platform, will sell you an invite right now for around $50.

Google’s Inbox is a newly announced mobile app that is meant to totally replace the way you used to deal with your email. It was released as a limited invite-only beta, and isn’t something you can simply find on the Play store or App Store just yet.

The app was built by the folks who created Gmail, but is meant to be entirely different from Gmail, pulling from pieces of Google Now and even Mailbox.

Screenshot 2014-10-23 09.10.45

Inbox bundles certain emails together, like receipts and reservations, automatically so that you don’t have to spend time hunting down something specific from a long time ago…

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